Who We AreHelping Organizations Identity, Develop, and Implement Winning Strategies.

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Helping Organizations Identify, Develop, and Implement Winning Strategies.

Dwelling at Ease is a leading company within the international coaching and conferences industry based in the UK. We hold a track record for producing a substantial level of growth impact and highly lucrative results for many different types of businesses around the areas of financial growth, team building, leadership development, and more, all strongly highlighted within the feedback and testimonials of our vast portfolio of established global clientele.

Our annually held conferences feature highly-skilled, hand-picked entrepreneurial coaches, speakers and business professionals who are ready and willing to impart their knowledge, experience, and secrets to success, direct to our delegates, navigating through the exploration of various solution paths to help attendees to reach their full potential.

We pride ourselves in bringing together hundreds of like-minded candidates sharing a united vision for greatness and a collective passion for growth. Attendees receive a great deal of inspiration from an esteemed selection of renowned figures including CEOs, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, artists, innovators, and top speakers hailing from various industries with a well-balanced blend of content being presented at each conference ensuring that no two events are the same!

Our Team

Andrzej G. Bacinski
MSC Eng  Executive Doctor of Business Administration Coach

Tutu Soetan
Founder – Coach – MSC Quantitative Finance and Investment Management

Who We Help

Dwelling at Ease was established to assist the individual that wishes to excel to a recognized level of excellence within any industry.

We seek to provide a service to anyone who aspires to reach their full potential including:

    1. Individuals in early career stages
    2. High Achievers
    3. Company Owners
    4. Religious Leaders
    5. SME’s and Small Business Owners
Our Main Goal is to make a significant impact on the achievements of those who attend our programs, seminars, sessions, and events.

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