Leading with Presence

Dwelling at Ease has a strong dedication to the practice and teachings of leadership at our conferences. We believe that with the right guidance, practice, and direction anyone can become a leader and we ensure that our conferences allow each individual to look into and discover their own, often untapped strengths in leadership.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are on hand to provide professional assistance specifically focussed on re-aligning our clients with their ultimate goals and directing them towards the path of achievement to help them to successfully reach their professional career objectives.

Conferences and Events

Dwelling at Ease provides a series of both private and open conferences and events across the year in London including annual seminars, networking events, breakfast mornings, and more.

Mentoring Sessions

The Dwelling at Ease Mentor Program is designed to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes through guided sessions. Our team of mentors, hailing from various different industries and sectors, share between them many years of experience and they envelop a plethora of skills, knowledge and excellence. These qualities are willingly passed on through our mentorship sessions to inspire the same levels of excellence in our clients.

Quarterly Career Workshops 

Our quarterly career workshops are perfect for individuals seeking to climb the career ladder. Whether you already love the industry that you are in and want to reach higher heights within your field or you want to have a complete career change, these workshops with the help you to establish the means to reach your goals.

Money Management Training

Our money management training program was developed to provide guidance and teaching to attendees about the importance of all areas of money management in both life and business including areas such as budgeting, saving, investments, debt handling, credit, loans, and the overall development of healthy financial habits.

I have known Tutu Soetan for over 10 years she is an incredibly amazing person. I have been a testament to her passion and integrity she shows in every area of her professional life and her zeal to see people grow successfully in their career, business, family and education.

Tutu was instrumental as well at the early stage of my career over 10 years ago and has inspired me to do more. She is hardworking, intelligent and homely


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